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Gift Ideas and Christmas Presents!
Pencil Portraits Drawn!


CPK....Pencil Portrait Drawn from inset photo
Click to Enlarge Pencil Portraits drawn from photographs
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Father & Daughter
Pencil Portrait Drawn from your Photographs
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Tiffany.....Pencil Portrait Drawn from inset photo
Pencil Portraits drawn from your photographs

A Pencil Portrait drawn from your photograph makes a unique personalized Christmas Gift and all you have to do is provide me with a Photograph!

Pencil Portraits drawn from your photos make unique presents sure to become Family Heirlooms that will be treasured and passed on for generations to come.

Immortalize your Loved Ones with a hand drawn pencil portrait!

Give an everlasting gift with a pencil portrait drawn from a photo. A Pencil Portrait drawn from your photograph makes a perfect personalized present for any occasion. Think of the Joy your family members will feel when they open their presents and see a Pencil Portrait of themselves or Loved Ones.

Pencil Portraits make a Special Gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduation, Weddings, Birthdays or just because! You can even e-mail your photos so you don't need to worry about postage and packaging, or having your photos damaged.

A finely crafted pencil portrait makes a perfect gift for all occasions. Not sure which Photo your Loved One would like? Give them a Gift Certificate and let them choose the one they like! Gift Certificates available on my "Prices and Order Form" page.

By working from photos you can keep your gift absolutely secret! If you want to commission a pencil portrait of a loved one (or yourself) you can do so without having to spend hours in a studio!

Want a Portrait drawn of several people but don't have a Photo of them together? I can combine them from different photographs!

By using photos your possibilities are endless, you can have a pencil portrait done of people in the past like your ancestors,your friends,personalities,or my Favorite: My Parents as Mr.&Mrs. Claus!

What Photo?

Choose the Right Photograph. When choosing your photograph try and find a large photo to work from. I can draw a good pencil portrait from a small photo but the larger the original photo the more detail I can extract from it.

The key to a good pencil portrait is shading, and so a photo taken in natural light will get better results than a picture where the subject's face is washed out by flash. Try to find a photo where one side of the face is distinctly darker than the other as this will give the pencil portrait depth and form, but even a photo taken with strong flash can be used to draw a good pencil portrait.

Above all choose a good picture where they really look like themselves. Don't use the one photo where they're not themselves. Remember what I see on the photograph is what I draw!

Once you've chosen the photograph you want,tell me what you want me to draw from it. Do you want one person in the pencil portrait, or several? Do you want just their face,or would you like their shoulders as well? Without this information I cannot guarantee I will draw exactly what you want.

All photographs will be returned to you along with your completed work-of-art. I aim to have all pencil portraits finished within 10 days of commission, but this may vary with demand.

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Father & Son
Drawn from inset Photo with smile added from second photo